Your Reading

Thank you for reaching out to me.

Seeing number patterns like this is incredibly rare. You’re being presented an opportunity that so few will ever see so it’s important to take advantage of it.

I’ll do your numerology reading and send it to your email within the next couple of hours (usually pretty soon). The focus of the reading will be heavily focused on the twin flame aspect, and I’ll do my best to help provide some guidance on your twin flame journey.

Not sure if you’ve met your twin flame or not? Take a twin flame test here.

If something (most likely a number sync from the universe) has brought you this far, there’s a reason for this.

Your intuition probably knows what it needs to do, but some external guidance can help. We’re going to focus on numerology, but I highly suggest channeling messages from your twin (and your own higher self soul) – get a free twin flame video reading (if you haven’t already). They use the Tarot, while we rely on Numerology.

Please keep an eye on your inbox. I might contact you for additional information or just directly send your reading. It might go to your spam folder by mistake, so check there and if you still don’t receive it – reach out and let me know.